Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the website https://Muadiicom – e-commerce site is established and owned by U & M Holdings Company Limited. Headquarter is located at: Bach Sam village – My Hao – Hung Yen. U & M Holdings is established under the certificate of registration Sign 0901038591.

When you visit our website means that you have Agreed to these terms and conditions. Websites may be modified in any way Terms and Conditions of Use and effective immediately upon the change posted on the website.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before ordering products, using services on Muadii.com.

Scope and Guidelines

– Terms and Conditions apply to customers:

Buy the products sold on Muadii.com. Customers wishing to deliver the products to locations in accordance with the policy delivery posted on the website.

– Customers in these Terms and Conditions include:

+ All individuals with full capacity for civil acts, aged 15 years and over and talented to make purchases, or to supervise both parents or guardians legal residence.

+ All organizations established and operating legally in accordance with Vietnamese law.

– It is strictly forbidden to use any of the content of this website for commercial purposes or on behalf of any third party without written permission of Muadii.com.

Formations of contracts

– All information about the product is posted on https://Muadiicom in any cases Which is not understood as the proposal to enter into the contract of Muadii.com to Guests line. The contractual relationship is only established and effective from the time Customer places Orders are accepted under one of the following two forms: notice sent to the email provided by the customer or a message from Muadii.com to the phone number Customer’s order confirmation has been successfully processed.

– When you want to cancel the order (if any), you must comply with regulations

The Reimbursement Policy has been posted on https://Muadiicom. An order may be canceled partially or wholly by Customer’s affirmation to the CCU. Muadii.com has

Customer’s order to cancel Customer’s order in certain circumstances, is specified at Double Pay Policy. Then, the amount paid by the Customer corresponding to the section

The canceled value of the order will be refunded to you according to regulations.

– To ensure the fairness and interests of the consumer is the end user

The same, Muadii.com has the right to apply restrictive conditions in the deployment Promotion: unlimited, limited to the maximum number of products in Each promotion purchased by a customer, limited to the purpose of purchasing the product (only for consumption, not for sale, for resale, etc.), or other restrictions (if any).

Therefore, Muadii.com has the right not to confirm, refuse, cancel or revoke the Offer Products delivered in violation of any of the Terms and Conditions

This condition- Muadii.com reserves the right not to confirm, deny or cancel or revoke the Offer

Deliverables of Customer Orders in certain cases of Muadii.com without notice to the Customer when Muadii.com broadcast present:

– Customers take advantage of the sales policies of Muadii.com to order with the number

and / or not for final consumption but for sale to seek benefits);

– Use loopholes, system errors, errors, mistakes, resulting in misleading information

Products (including, but not limited to, prices, terms of delivery, status) the characteristics, types of products, the conditions, incentives accompanying Products) During the transaction of Muadii.com to buy goods in order to receive benefits higher than normal;

– When Muadii.com / Muadii.com delivery staff can not contact you Three (03) or more in twenty four (24) hours from the time of commencement delivery system;

Order and confirm the order

– When you order at our website: https://Muadiicom, we will receive and send to customer the order number. Then, the customer needs to make one more

Order Confirmation step. https://muadii.com only confirm orders when ordering fulfill the order fulfillment criteria at https://muadiicom.

– To order confirmed quickly, please provide full and accurate information relating to the delivery of goods, or terms and conditions

The conditions of the promotion (if any) that you participate.

The value of the order and form of payment

– The price of the product on https://Muadiicom may be included or not included v.a.t tax. In all cases, the price of the product does not include the cost transport. Shipping costs are stated in the above delivery policy website.

Customer pays the value of the Order in accordance with the Payment Policy. By clicking on the ‘Pay’ button to make a payment, the Order means that the Customer has carefully reviewed the information of the order and agreed to the Terms and Conditions applied to the order. that purchase.

– Muadii.com offers flexible payment options for customers: Cash payment after receiving goods, ATM cards, international payment cards or direct transfer to one of the accounts. bank account of South Asia.

– However, to ensure the safety of customers in the process of payment, orders valued at over 10 million, Muadii.com only accept the form of payment in advance by: Transfer or Online Payment The payment gateway is available on the website https://Muadiicom

– To ensure safe payment, customers note:

+) Pay only online at the link window from https://Muadiicom

+ Use and preserve card (credit card, ATM card, purchase card …) and card / account information carefully;

+) In any case, with an international credit / debit card, please do not expose the CVV / CVS / CSC number (the security number, the three-digit number printed on the back of the card) to protect the information of the card.

Discount codes and promotions

– With the desire to bring many benefits to customers, https://Muadii.com often have promotions, special discounts. However, to ensure fairness for end-user consumers, the maximum number of products per customer when joining CTKM at Muadii.com are two (02) products. The terms and conditions of each program will be updated at the promotion page and may be changed without prior notice.

– Discount code is a form of discount that https://Muadii.com for customers can reduce the value or partial value of the order.

– Each order is applied only one (01) discount code. You will receive information about the terms and conditions of using the attached coupon code.

– Muadii.com reserves the right to refuse orders that use a discount code that does not meet the terms and conditions without prior notice. In this case the discount code will not be reissued. In addition, Muadii.com reserves the right to refuse the expiration of expired code, unused value code or unilaterally discontinue the order.

Shipping, Delivery

– The product will be delivered to the address provided by the Customer in the Order at the time specified in the Delivery Policy, or the time the Customer requests in accordance with the policy.

– In case customers want to change the receiving address, please call the CCU about the name of the receiver, the contact number and the new address. When requested by Muadii.com, the consignee designated by the Customer to produce the product must produce the identification, such as: ID card / Citizen ID / Passport for inspection delivery before delivery Products.

– The consignee must check the status of the product and sign the delivery note after receipt. Risk and ownership of the product will be transferred to the Customer from the time the Goods Receiver signs the Delivery Note. Customers need to keep the delivery slip for inspection or to solve problems that may arise related to the product (if any).

Change, return the product

The exchange and payment of products shall be made in accordance with the policy of exchange on the website https://Muadiicom.

Earn points and change points

– Regulations on accumulating and redeeming bonuses are made according to the specific policies at each and every time of Muadii.com.

– Muadii.com encourages customers to register on https://Muadiicom to make purchases easily and conveniently to track transaction history, receive product updates, promotions and enjoyment. Offers for loyal customers.

Regulations on confidentiality of information

– Muadii.com always respects the confidentiality of information and uses best practices to protect all information of customers. The information in the payment process will be encrypted to ensure the safety.

– You may not use any program, tool or form to interfere with the system to alter the data structure. The website also prohibits any activity that spreads, propagates or encourages any activity that interferes with, disrupts or infiltrates system data. The offender will be deprived of his or her rights as well as prosecuted if required.

– The Privacy Policy of the Customer shall be governed by the Privacy Policy posted on the Website.

– Regulations on the security of payment information for customers comply with the provisions of the Payment Privacy Policy.

Handling complaints

– When there are any questions or complaints, including but not limited to the quality of goods / services, product delivery, attitudes of delivery staff, product change / return, etc. Contact Customer service by email at sales@muadii.com.

– Customers are kindly requested to provide Muadii.com order code to send to email. The research department of Muadii.com will receive immediately and respond to you in the shortest time.

– When there is demand for technical support, warranty products, customers refer to the provisions in the Warranty Policy posted on the website www.muadii.com.

– In case of complaint settlement due to incorrect input from Muadii.com:

Customers are responsible for providing full and accurate information when participating in the transaction on https://Muadiicom. If the customer entered the wrong information sent to Muadii.com Muadii.com has the right to refuse the transaction.

In addition, in any event, Customer has the right to unilaterally terminate the transaction if the following measures are taken:

+) Have informed Muadii.com about canceling the transaction via hotline 0975569338 or Send request to email: sales@muadii.com

+) Returns a product that has been received but has not been used or take any benefits from that product (as defined in the Return Policy).

Limitation of Liability

In no event will Muadii.com be liable for any loss, damage or loss suffered by Customer unless it is intentionally caused by Muadii.com. Muadii.com’s liability to the Customer (if any) is limited to the value of the Product purchased by Muadii.com.

General Terms

– The terms referenced are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

– Muadii.com and Customer are responsible for fulfilling all obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions.

– If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, then the validity of the other contents of these Terms and Conditions will not be affected.

These Terms and Conditions and all matters arising in the contractual relationship between Muadii.com and the Customer shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. Any dispute, claim arising out of or in connection with the content of this Terms and Conditions shall be settled through negotiations within thirty (30) days. Past the 30-day time limit, which cannot be settled, the above-said disputes and complaints may be settled at the competent court offices.