Reimbursement policy

The return policy of’s  products defines the reasons and conditions for accepting the returned product as well as the processing time for returning the goods to customers.

– is committed to:

Products sold are genuine, new goods, clear origin and quality standards of manufacturers.

The product that customers receive must be intact, fully stamped, works well and true to the product description on the website

– If the product you received is not in accordance with the above commitment, please notify the Department of advanced technology of within 12 hours, from the time of receipt. After this time, will refuse to support any complaints about the condition of the product.

– The main content of the policy is as follows:

  • Acceptance period: within 7 days (from the time the customer receives the product).
  • Apply for a refund when the product meets all requirements or is subject to a refund under Clause 2.
  • Not be returned due to unresponsive customers or changing needs,
  • Payment method: Change to new product of the same type or Refund.

Customers will be refunded when the products received meet the requirements as follows:

– Products are delivered / delivered to customers incorrectly with the information and product designs on customer orders (such as: wrong products in terms of color, quantity, size, configuration …)

– Product is lost sealed, no longer intact,

– Product missing accessories, gifts (if any);

– The product is defective by the manufacturer (technical failure, design error, content, different from the quality standard announced by the manufacturer),

– The product is defective during transportation before reaching the customer (such as: the product shows signs of deformation, scratches, dents, cracks, smears, …);

– Product has been used, has been Active / Activated, expired before or on the date of delivery to the customer,

– Products are fakes, imitation goods, fake goods.

– The product is not in the list of limited or no support for payment of;

– The product is intact, full of stamps, raw materials, original seals (except for damaged or damaged products).

– The product is full accessories, gifts (if any), product warranty card, user manual,

– Customers keep records of products bought at, such as purchase invoices or purchase receipts, statements of banks, … and relevant documents (if any). );

– Products are not dirty, not used (except for cases of change due to technical errors of manufacturers or signs of use)

– Please fill in the form as required by (contact support at and send to email: or inform the Ministry CC by hotline 0975569338, upon receipt of the goods.

– Please inform and send the products you want to return (meet the above conditions) to maximum within 07 days (from the date of receiving the product to the date the customer returns the product recorded on the coupon delivery, depending on the policy of each product return policy.

– In cases where the product shows signs of use, lack of accessories, lack of gifts or products showing signs of falling, dents, scratches, cracks, …, please inform Muadii immediately. .com within 12 hours of receiving the goods successfully.

– If there is a written agreement between the carrier and the customer, does not support the return of products under all conditions.

For products repaid by mistake of or technical error of the manufacturer, customers will be changed to other new products of the same type and free delivery to the address according to the information on the request form. pay.

– This provision does not apply to products which meet the conditions set out in Article 2.

– The policy of return does not apply to the following cases:

The product does not apply in accordance with the supplier’s own policy;

Purchased or promoted products, special discounts, or purchases from the Flash Sale program, using the Gift code;

– If the product has been overdue but still within the warranty period, will guide you to guarantee the current product as prescribed.

Principle of refund

– The method of payment is based on your payment method such as: Bank Transfer (3-5 business days), Domestic ATM (5-7 business days), Credit / Debt (5-15 business days).

— In case of exceeding the refund period but you have not received the money, please contact the bank directly for support or contact the customer care department of

Processing Time

– will send feedback results to customers via email or SMS within 02 business days, since received the product,

– If the refund request meets the conditions of payment, will refund the money to the customer during the following period:

With non-bank payment: Customers receive a refund of 5-7 business days

With payment method through bank: Complete the procedure and send the request to the bank to process, refund to the account for you from 5 to 15 working days or depending on the processing time from Online payment gateway / bank.