About Us

Welcome to Muadi StoreWho We are…..

In 2017 we were join hands to find own unique way of create gift solutions to help your ideas to success on giving gifts to your special moments or to make happy your loved once, in a modern social world you can buy many gifts but as we feel in your mind always their hidden desires to giving gifts in that special occasion but with your busy normal day its not an easy task to make the event memorable to your loved once, in this situation muadii.com will be your partner to “create valuable memories”.

We are working with many unique suppliers all around the world to make your gift plans and we are really concern about timely delivery, lovely packaging, keep in touch with you to update about your package and moreover we will care your order to deliver like you delivered and all will be happening as your wish because we believe and dedicated to “create valuable memories”.

Muadii.com is an online store of U&M Holdings company limited who are moving with new business concepts to make people life fun, relax and happy, with our prime objective of be your online partner to enhance your care to loved once we will be continuously sustain our business model in up coming every day to make sure real shopping experience for gifting with simple clicks and stay confidence about our care for your event create valuable.

Also from the bigining of the business we belive and keep value of protecting our nature and arround your world. therefore muadii packaging 90% will be polythene free to protect your world.

We will make sure your happy shopping to create valuable memories and be with us!!

Team Muadii @ your service!!